‘Nirantara’ is a monthly concert series that encourages young artistes and providing the necessary platforms for them to improve. There are stalwarts who guide and give them constant feedback through the series. 


Synonymous to its name, Aarohana aims at creating the consistent rise in the careers of budding artistes.

Geeta Shastra Sinchana

A lecture demonstration series, ‘Geeta Shastra Sinchana’ provides an academic orientation of the varied facets of music. Each edition has a different theme that allows musicians to indulge and experiment in their respective fields.

Raga Darpana

This aims in supporting innovative thinking and research. Artistes presenting introduction to Ragas are given a platform to voice their opinions through music.

Allied Ragas

A musical series that explore the intricacies of raagas. It is open to upcoming artsites and stalwarts who pick particular raagas and present them through the series. This includes research on the history, origin, and distinct attributes of that raaga and others that are musically associated to it.  


A music festival that is hosted every year during Deepavali. It is an attempt to bring light and music into the hearts and homes of those who are associated with the Ananya foundation.


An exclusive festival that highlights the use of Kannada literature in music and dance and brings encourages artistes of both fields to work together and build on  fresh ideologies.


Sangati is a five-day music festival featuring a number of seasoned artistes who are reviewed by critics and connoisseurs. This is one of the more anticipated festivals of the year. 

Ugadi Festival

The regional new year is ushered with music for art lovers.

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