Ananya Sangraha is arguably, the first of its kind in Karnataka, the only existing library dedicated to music and dance. It is a store house of treasured volumes of books, some even out of print currently. Consuming both music and dance it is a pot pourri, an ideal space for all those research minds to come, ponder, discover and indulge.

Sangraha has a collection of about 5,000 hours of music from live concerts. Some recordings date back to the 1920s - such as those of Mysore Vasudevachar and Bidaram Krishnappa. The book section of the library has over 1000 books on classical music - journals, biographies, dictionaries, monographs, information on allied arts, many of which are not available anywhere else. Sangraha  also furnishes biographical details of musicians for reference.
The compilation has been made for students or aspiring artistes who visit Sangraha for reference work and for aficionados to listen to these rare recordings. The ambience and decor of Sangraha have been designed to heighten the listening pleasure of the discerning art lover.
Sangraha is also equipped with an artistic one of its kind studio for recording classical music and listening to some great works, all erstwhile collections.  It has facilities for digitization and cataloguing of these recordings so that they are preserved for posterity.

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